With high annual injury and mortality rate, working in both construction sites and mining zones while using or servicing off-the-road (OTR) tires is no small feat at all.

Given the sheer size and weight of the average OTR tire and the various hazards that it holds and is prone to during operations, it is quite easy to make a few mistakes that could risk the lives and safety of others working in the area.

Zipper rupturing, for instance, is one of the most dangerous yet common mishaps that are a result of human error or carelessness, costing valuable lives to be lost or changed forever. Aside from the dangerous case of zipper rupturing, there are several other accidents that tend to come up when OTR tires are serviced, such as:

Being pinned by a giant OTR tire after it falls on a personnel
Being run over by an OTR tire itself
Having multi-piece wheels fall apart and injure those within the vicinity

Seeing that OTR tires bear quite a number of different gruesome and fatal accidents in the industry, it might seem like they’re just rolling timebombs that should be abolished. Right?

Well, not exactly.

What everyone should know about working with OTR tires

In spite of the fact that too many people get injured or killed far too often when servicing OTR tires, they are far more dependable than they are dangerous. Working safely with OTR tires is not as complicated as it may seem—even more so when you take the right tips into consideration.

To avoid becoming another statistic that has succumbed to their own carelessness, here are a few crucial must-follow tips for safely working with OTR tires:

Wear the right or prescribed safety equipment at all times

The key to working safely around OTR tires is wearing a complete set of required and approved personal protective equipment (PPE). Wear the right safety glasses, protective clothing, ear protection devices, and safety footwear so that you can stay safe the entire time while working with an OTR tire.

Inspect your tire before all else

Another crucial practice that’s easy to follow and essential for safety but easily overlooked is running a few proper inspection procedures before even using the OTR tires. It is a standard activity that doesn’t require genius-level intellect but will make a significant difference. Doing so can help you spot signs of wear and prevent potential problems resulting from that.

Invest in high-quality tires

A bad OTR tire can you put in great danger, no matter how prepared you are for the job. That said, you’ll need to choose your tires wisely and invest in high-quality ones to ensure your safety.


Mishaps at work do happen, but with proper measures, those can be avoided. Safely working with OTR tires in construction and mining settings at all times is possible by following the tips above.

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