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Our expert staff has seen every type of damaged tire there is and knows the solutions. We can provide helpful advice, as well as a range of repairs that last longer. From saving you more on services for truck tires to quality repairs, choose our shop. Contact our store today for your best selection of new tires, maintenance, and more, including:

Falken RI 130 shown with the decoupling

top brands at affordable prices

Truck Tires Sales

You thought you were getting your new truck tires for a steal online, but at check out you find out it’s not that great. Taxes, shipping costs, disposal fees, and more, make online tire purchases not worth the hassle.

We understand shopping for new tires isn’t the most enjoyable thing, but we can help. Our helpful sales staff will walk you through any questions or concerns that you have.


broad range of truck tire repairs

Truck Tires Repair

Many drivers replace a tire that could have otherwise been repaired for less. Unfortunately, when your nearest service shop doesn’t offer many options, you end up paying more.

We offer a broad range of truck tire repairs that last, offering you better solutions. Contact us today to hear more about your maintenance options, including affordable tire services

New Firestone Truck Tires available at Truck Tire Depot in Houston Texas

affordable selection of new truck tires

New Truck Tires

Today’s consumers have too many options available when they need new truck tires and parts. Not only is it more challenging to size them correctly, but savings aren’t always accurate.

An online store may offer a lower price up front, but then other fees add up. Instead, you can visit us today for your affordable selection of new truck tires

used tires that you can trust

Used Truck Tires

You know that buying used truck tires can save you more, but what about safety? When you don’t know who you buy your tires from, you can’t guarantee their reliability.

When you choose us at Truck Tire Depot, it means you get used tires that you can trust. We inspect each one for safety concerns before you buy

Truck Tire being repaired by Truck Tire Depot in Houston, Texas

wide selection of trailer tires

Trailer Tires

Trailers can take on many different functions and forms, but they all need tires eventually. No matter what type of trailer you drive, haul or use daily, shop with us.

We carry a wide selection of trailer tires that keeps you working, or playing, hard. From efficient hauling to offering contractor services to others

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