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Used Truck Tires

Truck Tire Depot carries your best selection of used truck tires at affordable pricing. When you need pre-owned tires you can trust, purchase from us.

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Best selection at affordable price

Used Truck Tires in Houston, TX

Buying used truck tires is a great way to save more on your replacement tires. However, you can’t trust just anyone when you purchase pre-owned tires for your driving needs.

Some retailers don’t inspect tires before putting them on the shelves, leaving you with flats and safety issues. When you can’t tell how old they are, a blowout could happen before long.

When you need the best selection of used truck tires in Houston, TX, visit us. Truck Tire Depot offers quality pre-owned tires you can trust at affordable pricing every day.

If you want to avoid spending more on tires, choose us today. We continue saving area drivers more on the used truck tires they need the most.


The Penny Test

When inspecting used tires, we recommend that you try the Penny Test for tread thickness. By inserting a penny with Lincoln’s head down, you can estimate the remaining rubber reliability.

If you can see most, or all, of the President’s head, your tires are unsafe. The tread has worn down too far to keep you safe while on the road.


Tread Vs. Cost

If a used tire seems too good to be true, chances are, it’s missing tread. The more protection a tire can offer, the more expensive it will be.

That also means that some stores sell used tires at the same cost as new. When you need a real deal for pre-owned rubber tire, you need to shop with us today.


Professional Installation

Many used tire shops will only provide the inventory but don’t offer any installation services. They expect that their customers have the tools themselves, or at least the repair experience.

Unfortunately, when you need a better deal on buying replacement tires, you need better assistance. Choosing us means affordable installation services by trained professionals, leaving your vehicles in better hands.

Damaged Cords and Belts

Tire belts offer improved stability as they bind onto the original casing during manufacturing processes. Cords made from polyester, rubber, and metal bind together to improve your tires’ strength.

When one or both of these items are damaged, it means the tires are weakened. As a result, they can soon burst, puncture, or collapse after buying from unreputable stores.


Tire Dating

Some tire shops sell used tires that are too old to drive on without worry. FMCSA (Federal Motor Carriers Safety Adminastration) recommends that tires are replaced after a decade of use.

However, most drivers find that after only five or six years, they need replacement tires. When stores don’t disclose the age of used tires, it puts you at risk.

The Best Used Truck Tires in Houston, TX

We do our best to guarantee that every set of used truck tires performs well. Shopping for pre-owned tires can be complicated, so we do our part for better experiences. When you need a reliable source for used truck tires and more, visit us. Find your best value at Truck Tire Depot.