When people call and ask about trailer tires the first question I ask is if it is a spread axle or tandem trailer. The tandem trailer is when the rear axle of the trailer is close together with the front axle, as to where the spread axle has a space anywhere from six to ten feet apart from the rear axle.  When it comes to buying tires, it makes a difference as to what tires you can buy. With a tandem trailer you can buy any new highway tire that has a decoupling groove or an  all position tire, if you are buying a used tire it can be an original, a recapped or even a regrooved tire. 

A spread axle trailer on the other hand is a bit of a different story, because of the way the front axle drags when turning it causes a scrub effect on the tires which chips away the edge of the tire, so not just any tire can be purchased. For example, even a new highway tire with a decoupling groove will chip away, a used tire that is a recap or has regrooved lines will bust at the edge too. Spread axle trailers need an all position tire with a wide shoulder. If you are running tire size 255/70r22.5, 11r22.5, or 11r24.5 there is another alternative. The cutting chip tire, this tire was designed and manufactured for the sole purpose of being used on the spread axle trailer. It has notches on the edge of the tire that take the impact of the turn. When a driver comes in with a spread axle trailer and are running low profile tires but are wanting to replace all eight, I offer the suggestion of considering switching to a taller tire and going with the cutting chip.

Unfortunately, there is not a new cutting chip option in a low-profile tire. Not to say that they do not exist, Bridgestone and Michelin both make an excellent retread option with that design I hear but those are not items we carry in stock. I can say that the drivers that have decided to buy the tires do not regret it, in fact they swear by them. I do have drivers that are more skeptical, purely based on the look of the tire. I admit, it looks a little rough, I’d like to think beefier, but I know this, it does the job it is intended for.

Regardless if you run a spread axle or tandem, if you are buying new or used we here at Truck Tire Depot located at 4524 N McCarty St  Houston, Tx 77013 are here for you seven days a week Monday through Friday 6am to Midnight Saturday from 7am to 5pm and Sunday from 8am to 4pm, we will help you get the tire you need to keep safely rolling.  If you have any questions free to call 713-675-1090  our friendly and knowledgeable staff is happy to help.

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