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There are many factors that set Truck Tire Depot, located at 4524 N McCarty Dr. in Houston, Tx apart from our competitors.  Aside from our vast variety selection of high-quality name brand tires at low prices, or our excellent customer service, we offer honesty and integrity along with our decades of experience.

When a driver rolls in on a tire with low tread depth, a lot of companies just want to sell a tire either new or used to make a sale.  We, at Truck Tire Depot understand that being an owner operator has its ups and downs and keeping a truck tip top shape can be expensive.  Often the purchase of a new or used tire is simply not required.  We are able to offer an alternative more affordable option to regroove your tire, a job that can be performed on site.

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Regrooving a tire is a simple process performed by one of tire technicians using a lightweight motor-powered tool that heats up small metal blades to recut the lines in the tires and add tread depth.  All tires have the capability of being regrooved and they even print it on the side wall of your tire. In fact, the tires are equipped with wear bars which serve as a guide to show when to start regrooving. Once a tire is worn down to the top of the wear bar and then regrooved the tire is given an additional two to four months of life. Different variables come to play of the longevity, but a good rule of thumb is an additional eight to twelve thousand miles can be added to the life of your tires per every 32nd of an inch that is grooved out.  Federal Department of Transportation, D.O.T.  regulates that a regrooved tire can never be put in the steer position, however a tire can be taken from the steer position, regrooved and then re installed on the either the trailer or the drive axel.

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We regroove tire sizes 17.5, 19.5,22.5, and 24.5. With regrooving a tire costing only $5.00 per line plus an additional $5.00 to remove the tire off the truck and having the work done on site while you wait, it is not only convenient but cost efficient as well. You could be looking at spending roughly $25 to have four lines regrooved vs buying another tire. Our tire technicians are trained and knowledgeable in the grooving process and someone is available to regroove on site at our yard seven days a week. Regrooving a tire has other benefits as well, there have been rare instances when a driver had their super single highway tread tire regrooved with additional side lines to add grip on the road.

Please keep in mind that once a tire has been regrooved once it can never be regrooved again or sent in to be recapped. We always want to offer our customers every option available.

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