Regular tire rotation is a vital part of tire maintenance, it does not matter if it is your steers, drives, or trailer tires they need to be rotated. How often it should be done is debatable, we at Truck Tire Depot say every 35,000 to 50,000 miles is a safe spot depending on your road conditions.

People tend to think that just going from one side to the other is a rotation, theoretically yes , but you want to make sure that the tire is dismounted flipped and remounted on the wheel as to keep the same directional pattern. Keeping the same directional pattern is just as equally important with the drive tires as is the steers. Drivers tend to think that doing a crisscross x pattern with the drives is sustainable, but unfortunately unless the tires keep the same directional pattern you run the risk of feeling every bump in the roll on the road.

You see the tire will naturally develop a wear pattern as you drive, so if you don’t keep the same directional spin then you are going to ride against that wear pattern and thus feeling that bump every single time that it hits the pavement. To keep the tires going in the same direction without having to dismount and flip you can rotate the drives front axle to back axle, and that will help you.

Honestly anytime that you get a tire worked on that requires your tire to come off the wheel, if the technician working on your tire does not put your tire on in the same direction as they took it off, you will feel the same rough ride. If you are not sure if the tire was put back on you can physically feel with your hand on most tires. If you were to take your hand palm side down and lightly run your hand across the surface of the tire from front to back, the tire will be smooth from the wear from the road. Yet if you take your hand and run it from back to front you can feel the difference, there will be more of a raised surface going this direction. This test can be performed more on the drive tires than the highway straight line pattern.

I recently learned this myself, this is one of the things I love about being a newbie in the tire world is that I am always learning new things and you better believe I am soaking it all in like a sponge. I mean it doesn’t hurt that my mentors are two of the best that Houston Texas has to offer, the owner, Barry Woodward has been in the tire business over 43 years and then Paul Carroll, the shop manager, who has worked with me everyday over the past two and a half years has been doing tires for 33 years himself.  Every single day I stand back in awe listening to the two of them talking with drivers helping them understand what is happening to their tires. Wisdom like that only comes with experience and time and I look forward to the day when I will be able to pass on the same wisdom and expert advice. They have taught me so much already and I am able to pass on what I have learned thus far. I mean our friendly fast service along with our vast knowledge is what sets us at Truck Tire Depot apart from our competitors, well that and our prices. Feel free to stop by and see us we are here 7 days a week. Monday through Friday 6 am till Midnight and Saturday 7-5 and Sunday 8-4

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